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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The top 10 questions and answers


 Is this service really free?

Answer: Yes, this service is 100% free and will always remain so. Our business model is to show relevant ads in the guestbook.

If you want to remove the ads we offer a premium service without any ads.


 Can I block a user from my guestbook?

Answer: Yes, you can block single or multiple users. First log in and then choose Block users.

 Can I trace a person who has posted a message?

Answer: In most cases you can not trace the user. However, if there has been a really ugly incident, there is a good chance that the user's Internet Service Provider can help you after you have submitted an abuse report. In order to identify the person you will need to provide the IP address and exact time and timezone for the event.

You will find the unique IP address for the user after you have logged in to the administration, in the section Manage messages. You can also trace the ISP responsible for the IP address in that section.


 Can I change settings so I have to approve a message before it is published?

Answer: Yes. First log in and then choose General settings / Advanced from the main menu.

 How do I change my contact information such as name and email for my account?

Answer: You can change all contact information in the administration. Log in and then choose the section Personal settings.

 I use frames and when I press the 'Back to my website' link at the bottom I get all of my website loaded within the frame, can I fix this?

Answer: Yes, you can. Just change your website address (URL) to the exact address that should be loaded in the frame when you press the back link.

You can change your website address in the section Personal settings.

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 What kind of skills do I need to install my guestbook?

Answer: It is very easy to install your guestbook. After the registration, you will receive a simple URL to our server where your guestbook is located. Just insert this URL as a link on your website and your guestbook will be ready to be used.

We do also provide a complete set of HTML-tags for you to copy and paste into your website.

 Sponsoring ads

 Can I pay you to remove the ads in my guestbook?

Answer: Yes, you can subscribe to our premium service. The ads in your guestbook will normally be removed within 5-10 minutes of your payment submission. In some rare cases we might need to do a manual check and there could be 1-2 days of delay.

 Will you place adult or any other offensive content in my guestbook?

Answer: No, our policy is to show interesting ads. We use the Google Adsense ad network and they guarantee that no offensive or sexual content will be shown in the ads since they (and we) do not accept such content.

Also, we will not show any popup or flash banners.


 I have been blocked from your service. Can you help me?

Answer: In order to protect our users from spam and other abuse related activity we have setup our system to block users conducting suspicious activities (such as many log in failures or sending multiple messages stopped by our spam filter).

Each month we are handling millions of connections and several hundred thousand new messages. Sometimes our filter functions are wrong, we are sorry if this is the case. We are always trying to improve our filters.

We also let our users set their own blockings. This means that they can block any IP for any reason at any time.

If you have a guestbook account with us that you need to manage, you may request a blocking removal. Go to the administration area (don't remember the URL?) of your guestbook and follow the instructions. Your request will automatically be handled by our system within seconds.

The alternative is to wait a few hours or in some cases a few days until the blocking is removed.

Note that our support team can not and will not remove any blockings for any IP address, no matter of the circumstances, or give you any additional information about why someone was blocked.


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